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TAUBIOTIC - 90 caps
Anna Q.Q. (ES)

Estas capsulas van muy bien

TAUBIOTIC - 90 caps
Iain P. (GB)
Excellent product

This product has helped me combat bugs in my gut and has also helped my memory by sending the nutrients from the food that i eat to my brain. If you are expecting this product to help you lose weight, then I think it will not do that but if you want to increase your memory capacity, then this it will help.

AMPBIOTIC - 30 caps.
Chiara B. (ES)

Noto mejorías significativas

TAUBIOTIC - 90 caps
Lena W. (DE)
It works!

I got from „being stuck on an elimination diet“ to „I can eat most foods and some in moderation“ in 3 months. Very happy with the results and would recommend the product to a friend.

AMPBIOTIC - 90 caps.
The BEST product for your inmune system and your digestive health

With a 2 daily pearls dose, you will notice a better healthy status, less digestive disorders and better comfortable with yourself.

TAUBIOTIC - 90 caps
Sabine D. (DE)

I take it by now over 6 month (first ordered over Healthy in US) and it is realy helping me/my gut. I can't digest resistant Starch, which normally would feed this little friends 'down under'. If I interrupt the intake I'll get soon my problems (nausea, gas, diarrhea) back.
So it's great!

AMPBIOTIC - 90 caps.
Elvira H.B. (ES)

Un suplemento indispensable en mi día a día.

AMPBIOTIC - 90 caps.
Vanya G. (ES)
They are great.

I have been taking these for some months now, along with some other gut support and it’s making a huge difference. My immune is strengthening and my digestion is much more stable. I love taking them and I think they are a very clean and effective supplement.

TAUBIOTIC - 90 caps
N.w.m. (ES)
I feel great with butirato. it changed my lifestyle

I feel great with butirato. it changed my lifestyle

TAUBIOTIC - 90 caps
Anonymous (GB)
Great Product

My wife suffers from diverticulitis and since taking this butyrate supplement her condition has massively improved

Ampbiotic to strengthen my inmune system and heal my microbiota

I use Ampbiotic daily for over two years now. My Vit D levels are now in range an never below 30 ( threshold for sufficiency). Even during winter and fall season. Since at the age of 23 i was diagnosed IBS i suffered for decades from constipation and diarrhea occasionally. Since taking Amp-biotic i feel my gut stable and healthy, absent of uncomfortable gases and of gut leak.
For me it is my essential daily supplement. My
Life quality has dramatically changed thanks to Amp-biotic. I highly recommend it to spur your microbiota health and your inmune system. More important than ever in Covid Era.

AMPBIOTIC All-in-One Immune Support

A great product with the highest quality. Very comfortable to have Butyrate without bad smell and Vitamin D in a single softgel. It was recommended to me as an adjunct to the treatment of multiple sclerosis. I will buy again!

Really effective product

I have long-standing & many food allergies, Candida, & M.E. Since I turned 60 my digestion has got even worse and I now have awful histamine reactions to almost everything I eat. This product was recommended to me as a gut support. I’m only taking one a day at the moment but they have made a difference straight away. I have a little more energy and my histamine reactions are less severe. They are expensive but I don’t mind if they work. Apparently, as we age our butyrate levels decline, so this was just what I needed. Highly recommend.

Good impact on my Life

I wanted to leave my testimonial on this website about your product, TauBiotic and its impact on my life.

I have always had a sensitive digestive system. I consulted with multiple reputed professionals and never got the positive results I expected.

One day, I tried this product on my own. I was surprised to notice how my body welcomed the product. I kept taking them with interest, and I saw that they were going very well for me, so I continued.

I went through the first bottle rather quickly; I took some time off to confirm if the product was really effective. I listened to my body and realized that I was better off supplementing.

So I stocked a few bottles and the Vitamin D version, and I now regularly take two a day. I have no doubt now that this supplement was meant for me; it's a product I trust now. I will continue taking them as long as I see that they make a difference in me.

Thank you very much for creating this product. I hope you keep working and innovating new products that really make a difference.

AMPBIOTIC - 90 caps.
Mercedes L.D.
AmpBiotic and immunity

Thanks to AmpBiotic, my immune system and also vitamin D, which I had always deficient, remains whithin normal values even after passing covid-19

The King of Butyrates

I've been experimenting with different supplements to try to optimise my health for over 10 years and this is one of the few products I consider to be essential. It gives me a noticeable boost in mental clarity and general energy. Joints feel better and immune system seems more resilient so I reckon it is helping to lower inflammation. Prior to using this product I used to have serious issues with fungal overgrowth (candida) and had to follow an incredibly strict diet to stop things from getting out of hand. I now can enjoy a more relaxed diet while still keeping my gut and bacterial balance in check. I have tried some of the other leading butyrate products and found them to be very ineffective. These capsules are enteric coated, quite robust and manage to actually make it to the lower intestine and nourish the epithelial cells.